The life-sized figure of Tupac Shakur, who died at the age of 25 in a 1996 shooting, appeared on stage during Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg’s performance in the 2012 Coachella show, a projection of deceased rapper Tupac Shakur came up from under the stage and began performing “Hail Mary” and “2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted”. Although often referred to by the media as a ‘hologram’, the projection was in fact created using the Musion Eyeliner system, which employs a version of Pepper’s ghost. Following the performance, the projection disappeared. Dr. Dre had asked the permission of Shakur’s mother Afeni, who said the next day that she was thrilled with the performance.

Source The Telegraph

Tupac, Hail Mary Official Videoclip, (Uncensored with Lyrics)

Musion Eyeliner

The Musion Eyeliner is a proprietary high definition video projection system that allows moving images to appear within a live stage setting. The product is sold and licensed by Musion Systems Limited in the United Kingdom. The system was created and patented by Uwe Maass.


The system works as a modern commercial variation of a stage illusion called Pepper’s ghost Thin metalized film is placed across the front of the stage at angle of 45 degrees towards the audience; recessed below the screen is a bright image supplied by an LED screen or powerful projector. When viewed from the audience’s perspective, the reflected images appear to be on the stage.

Because the system uses a thin film as its reflective surface, the screen is relatively low-cost and light-weight, and can cover a large area without seams (thus helping maintain the illusion); however, this lightness can make the screen vibrate due to atmospheric effects such as wind, when outdoors; or powerful sound systems, when indoors.

The system is intended to “create the illusion of life-size, full colour, 3D moving images”. It consists of a flat, two-dimensional image that produces the illusion of being three-dimensional and suspended in free space. It does not, for instance, recreate Stereoscopy as most 3D displays do, nor is it a true hologram.

Aspects of the technology are currently the subject of a US patent application.


Musion Eyeliner projections have also been made for product launches such as the Toyota Auris car and an LG phone launch in which the technology was used to provide a stage illusion for magician David Blaine. In 2010 animation specialists SquareZero successfully recreated two performances by people who have been deceased for a number of years. The first was Paul Arden – a former creative director of Saatchi and Saatchi who appeared to talk at the Cannes Lions advertising festival. Also using digital techniques they recreated Frank Sinatra who performed Pennies from Heaven for the birthday of Pop Idol judge Simon Cowell.

In 2012, a version of Musion Eyeliner was used to allow a virtual version of deceased rapper 2Pac to appear at


Pepper’s ghost

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A viewer looking through the red rectangle sees a ghost floating next to the table. The illusion is created by a large piece of glass or a half-silvered mirror, situated between viewer and scene (green outline). The glass reflects a mirror-image room (left) that is hidden from the viewer.

If the mirror-image room (left) is darkened, it does not reflect well in the glass. The empty room (top) is brightly lit, making it very visible to the viewer.

When the lights in the mirror-image room are raised (with the empty room being dimmed slightly to compensate), the ghost appears out of nowhere.

Pepper’s ghost is an illusionary technique used in theatre and in some magic tricks. Using a plate glass and special lighting techniques, it can make objects seem to appear or disappear, to become transparent, or to make one object morph into another. It is named after John Henry Pepper, who attempted to popularize the effect.

In order for the illusion to work, the viewer must be able to see into the main room, but not into the hidden room. The edge of the glass may be hidden by a cleverly designed pattern in the floor.



The hidden room may be an identical mirror-image of the main room, so that its reflected image matches the main room’s; this approach is useful in making objects seem to appear or disappear. This effect can also be used to make an actor reflected in the mirror appear to turn into an actor behind the mirror (or vice versa). This is the principle behind the Girl-to-Gorilla trick found in many haunted houses and in the James Bond movie Diamonds Are Forever.

The hidden room may instead be painted black, with only light-coloured objects in it. When light is cast on the room, only the objects reflect the light and appear in the glass, making them seem as ghostly images superimposed in the visible room. The reflections in the glass, which is vertical rather than angled, create the appearance of three-dimensional, translucent ghosts. In the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland/Disney World, this is used to make “ghosts” appear to be dancing through the ballroom, seeming to interact with props in the physical ballroom, disappearing when the lights on the animatronics are turned off.